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SONIA products are manufactured using significantly less energy than the conventional method. They are stored at room temperature, eliminating the need for energy-intensive agitation and heated tanks during storage and transportation, ultimately reducing energy consumption throughout the PMB journey by 50%, according to our LCA report.

Get to Know Our Tech

SONIA Green Technology is a start-up company established in Sydney, Australia, in 2022. The company utilizes patented technology that can modify polymers to suit any asphalt properties. This technology is highly compatible with waste polymers since it is not sensitive to contaminations. 

 Our Products

SONIA offers two high-quality PMB products: SONIA-A1 and SONIA-S1. Specifically tailored for asphalt applications, SONIA-A1 delivers exceptional performance. On the other hand, SONIA-S1 is expertly crafted for spray sealing applications. Both products are seamlessly integrated into asphalt or bitumen through a customized recipe provided to the customer, ensuring the precise PMB grade required for optimal results.

Meet the Team

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