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Asphalt modification applications:

  • An innovative modified polymer designed for asphalt modification.

  • SONIA-A1 seamlessly integrates into the asphalt plant, facilitating a smooth blending process.

  • Our unique formulation ensures rapid dispersion of particles in less than 45 seconds when mixed with aggregates.

  • With SONIA-A1, you can effortlessly achieve various Austroads PMB grades tailored for asphalt applications, including A25E, A20E, A15E, and A10E.


  • A cutting-edge modified polymer formulated for spray sealing.

  • SONIA-S1 seamlessly integrates into the sprayer tank, engineered for rapid dispersion when mixed with hot bitumen.

  • With SONIA-S1, you gain reliable performance, facilitating the creation of a range of Austroads PMB grades ideal for spray sealing applications, such as S10E, S15E, S20E, and S25E.

Spray sealing applications:

r&d 2.png

Net zero products - SONIA-RS1 and SONIA-RA1:

  • These products are at the forefront of our sustainability-focused R&D initiatives. They are primarily made from recycled materials and are engineered to achieve net zero emissions. Tailored for asphalt and spray sealing applications, they offer a seamless modification, ensuring performance parity with their virgin counterparts.

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