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SONIA, a pioneering startup, utilizes cutting-edge technology that outperforms traditional asphalt modification methods. It offers a game-changing solution for bitumen modification. Unlike traditional polymer-modified bitumen (PMB), which requires high-temperature processing and specialized equipment, SONIA products simplify production, transportation, and storage. SONIA products are uniquely formulated to achieve a homogeneous dispersion in less than a minute in bitumen and asphalt mixtures. With SONIA products, asphalt companies can produce any PMB grade without the need for special or extra equipment.   

Image by micheile henderson

Thanks to SONIA's technology, manufacturing costs are significantly reduced, leading to more affordable products.


SONIA products are transported and stored at ambient temperature with no expiry time, streamlining modified asphalt production operations.

Image by Pat Whelen
Image by tanvi sharma

SONIA technology is compatible with a wide range of polymers, waste materials, and bitumen types. This versatility enables us to seamlessly utilize waste materials in producing sustainable PMBs.

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